Airport Transfers

When it comes to logistics and understanding how a local airport operate, it could be challenging for international visitors as well as those visiting from other provinces.

That is why it is in your best interest to select a shuttle service, like GYEN Shuttles with extensive experience in transporting those VIP visitors.

We at GYEN Shuttles ensure that the management of drop-offs and pickups are communicated to clients and monitored with the airports to ensure that time is strictly adhered too. Airport compliance as a transporter needs to be managed to ensure that vehicles operate under specific regulations whilst dropping off and collecting within the airport precinct.

Point to Point Transfers

GYEN Shuttles shall collect you from your home, office, hotel or Gautrain and transfer you safely and conveniently to any destination point of your choice. We at GYEN Shuttles specialize in the transfer of groups and individuals, whether it might be to the airport, concert or sporting event and back.

Hotel and Accommodation Transfers

GYEN Shuttles offer a reliable service that includes but is not limited toexecutive transferring to and from hotels, stations, private airports and external business gatherings throughout Gauteng South Africa.

Business Meeting Transfers

With important business meetings, there is enough stress in the preparation of the meeting. With GYEN Shuttles you do not need to worry about getting to a meeting on time. GYEN Shuttles will take care of ensuring that you are on time and prepared for your meetings, lunches and other business functions.

Social & Sporting Event Transfers

When it comes to large Social & Sporting Event Transfers, let GYEN Shuttles Transfer you to and from all Big Stadiums, Music festivals and Concerts. GYEN Shuttles provide a safe and economic transportation solution through our friendly and reliable drivers.